I created South Charlotte Drone, Inc. to fill a need for Real Estate Agents to win and sell more Real Estate listings. As someone with Real Estate Experience I understand that you need to set yourself apart from the crowd and be able to attract and “Wow” potential sellers to gain their listing.

By using Drone videos and 3D Matterport Virtual Walkthroughs, your listings have the potential to be seen by more buyers and get more showings. Just photos uploaded to the MLS cannot give buyers enough information about the house, especially if they are Out-of-Buyers, International Buyers or Military Personnel who just cant come to a showing but could possibly want to buy “sight unseen”

South Charlotte Drone should be your first resource to go to after you get the listing. We will give you the extra edge to get that listing sold. With a Matterport 3D Walkthrough, your potential buyers can see the whole entire house, not just images. Using their computer or Smart Device they can click around and “walk through” the entire home. They can look around 360 degrees and see everything fro floor to ceiling and wall to wall. We can even highlight objects with tags that say, for example, “Gas Fireplace” when someone clicks on the fireplace. Or their can be a tag on the front door that says “Check out the Drone Video of the outside and huge yard”. When they click, a YouTube video will pop up and the Drone video you had us do will show up there. Actually, the possibilities are endless. We can even supply your seller with VR (Virtual Reality) Goggles so he can see what buyers with VR goggles can see. Potential buyers can literally be in their own comfortable space, look into the VR goggles and instantly be in your seller’s home looking around…all in 360 degrees looking all around. How amazing is that?

South Charlotte Drone is  FAA Part 107 Certified, NC DOT licensed, carries liability insurance and has your best interest in mind. Our goal is for you to get listings and get them sold. Period.

Give me a call for a free quote and I look forward to serving you

-Ian Bailes